How To…! Trimmings1

How To…! Trimmings1

11 June 2017

Mini – Tips… Trimmings1….Wiring Flowers unto milliners wire.


In this blog I am going to be brief as it is self-explanatory.  We are now starting the serious work of posing our finished flower branches unto the fascinator base and make it Ascot worthy.

as stated, you cannot teach people how to design – but you can encourage them to use their eye to get pleasing results from the finished project….aesthetics!!!

Enjoy the video – produce something stupenduous from the guidance received and don’t be too shy to share the finished project with me by sending us photo email or contact me if you have any other questions.




This company makes exclusive accessories in limited edition only. We came to be on 14th February 2012 in the early hours of that day - the "Iconique" item Bootcharms was created and thus came the birth of this company. All items registered and protected by Trademark.

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