How To…!

How To…!

10th June 2017 – Mini Tip #3

  Fascinator Attachments – Combs vs Elastic


Hello again,


Today’s lesson is as written.  Hopefully by now you have all that you need to the ready and have completed the sewing of the Petersham ribbon/Grosgrain ribbon to your fascinator and have also remembered to iron that flat against it.

I would suggest that you invest in a cheap light/medium weight iron which you can get from Tesco/Sainsbury’s or Poundstretcher stores for about £5 only and dedicate that as your craft iron as opposed to your domestic iron.

The challenge now will be to create this complete piece and make it allow you entry at Ascot by using trimmings to pass the “size rule” i.e bigger than 4 inches round.  I will be posting these trimmings videos progressively until the piece is completed, but also although I will try to inspire you to be adventurous in how you create your final piece – I cannot teach you how to design.

The sizes mentioned are just guidelines to the length and sizes I have visually decided on for this project and to keep you inspired with this new hobby.


You will need:-

Flat nose pliers, wire cutters, millinery wire, millinery flowers/craft flowers, round elastic, Uhu glue and florist tape (green) or in any colour of your choice.

**Please if there is anything you need to ask me any questions feel free to email or call.**



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