How To….!

How To….!

June 1st 2017

Mini Tip #2…Petersham/Grosgrain Ribbon & Running Stitch

Hello and welcome to our second mini tip in the series whilst we work on your little head piece and provide Millinery Virgins or Beginners on how to make your own headpieces properly.

Today we must learn to do the Petersham Ribbon and then once complete – just give it a gentle iron max heat setting 2 use a protective clean rag to iron ribbon flat and flush against wire and sinamay.

Next video will be trimmings, for this you will need wire, decorations, threads and whatever else tickles your fancy…(you can have glue or glue gun on standby but not desired)…we will learn how to build and design our head piece.

Have combs or round elastic available!.… I will use 1 to attach to the head but briefly explain the other.


Enjoy our mini lessons.





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