Our History
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    Durham Road, WD6 1RP

The idea of this company started with the creation of a registered unique piece of jewellery called  BOOTCHARMS (a charm for boots)

This idea occured to the Founder  – Flore – on the night of 13 Feb

2003 and this Iconic item was then created on 14th February 2003 at 01.31 am

This is now a birthday that is unforgettable as it was Valentine’s morning.  The original was

in gold colour and subsequently we created silver colours to go with the company logo.

As with all usual start ups – how to sell and market it became a concern and involved nights of strategy and planning.   Flore started solo at the historical Camden Market on a stall and throught selling and talking to her customers, she got a lot of valuable information and then decided to grow the business with additional accessories lines.

To cut a long story short – Flore also went to night school to refine her skills in jewellery making, millinery and sewing. she registered various trademarks for her hand-made items shortly thereafter.

Here are the various trademarks and logos she created designed and registered:




As well as a magazine covering Undiscovered talents from fashion to music  named Inn Trend which

has an adaptable logo according to each issue we print.

All this expansion happened within 6 months to 1 year of each other.  The results are what you see

online today.

Most of our items are hand-made or hand finished – all limited editions in collections apart from

Bootcharms which are produced in larger quantities (101 to 3001 pieces only worldwide).  The

unique pieces we create are commission works and need to clarifiy with our clients that  C+1 logo

means exactly 101 in existence as this is the Premium Collection that we have.

We thank you for your interest in us and our unique goods and hope that you enjoy every item that

you buy from us due to its exclusivity.

Happy shopping & Thank you for your custom



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