Gems Stone List

Gems Stone List


 Available Stones for Iconique Item

23 May 2017


This blog post is just to let you know how we work.  We are a Brand company that make & design items in limited quantities.

Bootcharms are Iconique (iconic) to us as they are what created the existence of the company and its growth. The will never be out of production as they are the very core of the business.  As we upload what we create weekly and list what gemstones are used – we also have this list here to inform you that if you do not see the Bootcharm you want in the boutique does not mean that we do not have it in stock.

This item is posted within 24/48 hrs of your paid order to us and thus there is no need to be disappointed at the thought of a late arrival in the post.

Hence we are making the list available in this blog post just for your reassurance as we understand that some of our clients have a particular affinity/attachment to particular gems.

Therefore you can anticipate receiving your Bootcharm in a beautiful organza bag to adorn your beloved boot.

Enjoy your purchase xx








This company makes exclusive accessories in limited edition only. We came to be on 14th February 2012 in the early hours of that day - the "Iconique" item Bootcharms was created and thus came the birth of this company. All items registered and protected by Trademark.

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