Finally …. I am Free: May 2017

Finally …. I am Free:  May 2017

Finally …. I am Free: May 2017


A few year ago an idea for a Premium Collection was born and  needed a new name & logo.

Although we did not open use that on the old website, we did promote it on our Instagram

Page after we found a craftsman to  create  the branding stamp for this new brand.

I am the Roman numeral for 101 (or hundred & one)  my creator has now ordered me to be

Created in in various materials and sizes and currently waiting for the tiniest one of us to

Come along.

True to my name ….there will only be 101 of me created at any one time in every collection with

exceptions such as the unique custom order sandals.

How  do you like  the picture of me…. Gosh I’m blushing!



This company makes exclusive accessories in limited edition only. We came to be on 14th February 2012 in the early hours of that day - the "Iconique" item Bootcharms was created and thus came the birth of this company. All items registered and protected by Trademark.

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