How Too….! Trimmings2

12 June 2017 Mini Tips continues with How To…Wire flowers onto millinery wire Now it is time to build up our branches of flowers in readiness for our fascinator. Lets make the unacceptable acceptable by the way in which we decorate it. So enjoy the continuation….!  

How To…!

10th June 2017 – Mini Tip #3   Fascinator Attachments – Combs vs Elastic   Hello again,   Today’s lesson is as written.  Hopefully by now you have all that you need to the ready and have completed the sewing of the Petersham ribbon/Grosgrain ribbon to your fascinator and have also remembered to iron that flat […]

How To….!

June 1st 2017 Mini Tip #2…Petersham/Grosgrain Ribbon & Running Stitch Hello and welcome to our second mini tip in the series whilst we work on your little head piece and provide Millinery Virgins or Beginners on how to make your own headpieces properly. Today we must learn to do the Petersham Ribbon and then once […]

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