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Thank you for your visit to our e-boutique.

The idea of this company started with the creation of a registered unique piece of jewellery called  BOOTCHARMS (a charm for boots)

In view of the economic effects to various businesses – we have now decided to make some changes to what the services we will be providing our customer and have decided to streamline the business for the coming year 2017 which is “Cut your coat according to your size”!

Please find listed what products and services we will have available so as to clarify why certain sections of our boutique will now be free from images whilst we implement these changes to our business:-

  • Bootcharms (Iconique) available in gold and silver colour
  • Hats/Headwear for both men & women available
  • Limited edition Leather Goods (bags & wallets) available
  • Commission/Bespoke service for Bootcharms stones & Headwear available
  • Millinery/Hatmaking workshops available under Beavers Creative Workshops
  • New leather workshops available
  • We also provide a Mini- Production Service to create your Own Brand Goods from Samples to minimums of 150 pieces to 500 pieces. Check our video http://youtu.be/t6fO7bcgXrw  – still available

All registered brands and accessories within this site are and remain the sole property of BOOTCHARMS DESIGNS INC, also known online as FLORE-STAR.COM. 

All or any copying of any part of items or any of this site is not permitted and legal action will be taken against any infringement.

Thank you once again for browsing, clicking and shopping with us
Bootcharms Designs

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details by email or a simple call to;- mail@flore-star.com or beavers@flore-star.com

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